News and Updates

Reading, readers and writing my socks off.

Can you believe I haven’t had any time to watch TV this week?

Things are picking up over here. Several of you have sent me your books to review (thank you by the way!) and I’m knee-deep in those at the moment, as well as a paranormal ARC for Emma Mills – The Raven Queen, it looks amazing, let me tell you.

But some cool news on the writing front, I’ve re-joined Scribophile, the ultimate writer’s feedback circle. You guys, what a supportive community. I haven’t posted anything yet but oh my goodness, everyone is so friendly and supportive. That’s how I remembered it from the last time I was on there but it seems like it’s even more the case now.

I’m now three whole scenes into draft 2 of Scorpio’s Grace and I can’t wait to post these scenes to Scribophile to get some feedback. FYI if you’re on Scribophile, here’s my profile – follow me and I’ll follow you!

With work hours picking up, it’s definitely more challenging to find time to fit everything in but I’ve found it’s really giving me the focus to power through all the reading, writing and reviewing. Honestly, life is good right now. I love working on all this, even if it would be nice to have a break sometimes.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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