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Taking Care of Business (Every daaaaay)

This week I attended a book marketing seminar. The kind where you make new business contacts, so you’re sorta obliged to wear makeup.

The cool thing about these seminars is that they are JUST like a class in high school, but with a teacher who doesn’t have to stay up grading papers until 1am. OK, so nobody’s throwing paper aeroplanes, but the stereotypes are all there.

You’ve got the super enthusiastic students with their hands always in the air, a really studious student taking notes longer than the works of George R. R. Martin and the student who probably already knows everything but comes to chat with the teacher (which makes way more sense as an adult).

For real, we don’t actually grow up, our bodies just get creakier.

Anyone who’s writing a book will get this – we’re creatives, we don’t know jack about marketing and business. (Those of you who do both well, you are Gods and we worship you. Please shine your wisdom upon us.) So, these seminars are kinda important for authors who aren’t magic, we don’t know what we’re doing.

As a result of this awesome seminar – Melissa Addey’s, check it out if you’re in London – the novel-in-progress Scorpio’s Grace is getting a prequel for reader-magnet purposes. Exciting times!

While it’s really informative to do these online courses, especially from the likes of Mark Dawson, going to some face-to-face events are amazing. Doing everything online makes your life feel hypothetical sometimes, so going out and meeting like-minded people can really re-motivate.

On the reading, I’m halfway through The Raven Queen (check out the new release feature here) and it’s awesome. Like many of you readers, I’m an anarchist who likes to read multiple books at a time, and book number two is Justice by Georgia Tingley. Spoiler alert, really enjoying this one too. Reviews are a’comin’!

Thanks for reading and have a kick-ass weekend.

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