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#BookReview The Raven Queen

Title: The Raven Queen

Author: Emma Jayne Mills

Genre: Paranormal/shifter

Rating: 4 stars



“A single raven, born of wolves,
the time to reign for her has come.
Her faith is strong,
her heart is true.
Raven Queen we call to you.

Three thousand years ago The Raven Queen, alongside her Fae and Vampire sisters were prophesised to bring peace to the paranormal races. 

They failed!

The vampires enslaved the witches they didn’t burn, the shifters went into hiding and the Fae closed off their realm forever. The war still rages, but a new Raven Queen has been born and a new prophecy has come to pass. However, fulfilling a prophecy is the last thing on Aurora Byrne’s mind, because her pack doesn’t yet know there’s a raven in its midst.”

forty years ofmagnificence (26)

Four stars!



Who’s driving this thing?

Aurora Byrne – cool name. An Irish raven shifter born into a wolf pack. Destined to be alpha of her own pack one day, Aurora also has the honour of being the Raven Queen. One of the three queens destined to bring peace to the vampires, fae, witches and shifters.

Not afraid to kick ass or offend anyone, Aurora suffers perpetual heartache with the absence of her true mate, Jax.


What’s this all about?

Aurora and her father’s pack are tasked with keeping the peace among the vampires and shifters in Ireland by taking out any rogue shifters that threaten the truce. After Aurora is kidnapped by a neighbouring coven run by a Greek alpha determined to take Aurora as his mate, the truths of the prophecy begin to unfold.

When Jax returns to the fold, followed by Aurora’s brother and several others magically charged with protecting her, Aurora is furious he left her in the first place.

As the vampires move to obtain a magical dagger and book that the prophecy speaks of, Aurora, Jax and their team spring into action to stop them seizing power.




What’s so great about it?

There’s nothing boring about this book, it’s action-packed from start to finish. Heartbreak, kidnappings, magical self-discovery and romance. It’s all here.

I particularly enjoyed reading about Aurora’s time as a captive in Lykos’ coven and how she adapted to gain the upper hand. Lykos is a fun character even if his kidnapping was kinda out of order!

Also loved Melania, who is a fairly complex character and full of darkness from a past she hasn’t learned to deal with.

What’s not so great about it?

The bit I struggled with most in The Raven Queen was how fixated with Aurora all the other characters were. Very frequently throughout the book the other characters comment on how bad-ass/awesome/clever Aurora is and it was a bit distracting while reading.

The POVs weren’t clear cut in the scenes and often would talk about several different characters’ thoughts and feelings at a time. But this wasn’t actually that distracting, in fact it works better in this book than I’ve read so far.


Where can I get it?

Amazon of course!

At the moment The Raven Queen is available exclusively in e-book format at a very reasonable price. 99c for a pretty long book!


Thanks for reading my book review!


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