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Unleashing the Dragon (Speech Software – ‘cos I don’t have a real Dragon – yet!)

You can’t tell, but I’m actually dictating this blog post to you. How. Crazy. Is. That?

Writers, you know the struggle. Typing is awesome, especially when you can touch-type, but sometimes we need a break. Get up, walk about and have a stretch. But that means we have to stop working and for us crazy-busy types, that just ain’t an option.

For my birthday, I was gifted Dragon Speech Software and now I’m writing my book by speaking like a robot into a headset used by stay-at-home moms/real estate agents wrestling toddlers into car seats while selling a four bedroom seafront property. It’s amazing!

Now it’s summer, we’re all way more motivated to get stuff done. Productivity is top of my list right now and me and my husband have come up with several activity rules to stick to during the week. I won’t list them off, but we now have to make time to read EVERY day and speak only in Mandarin on Sundays. No kidding. Also, yoga is involved (of course).

So, with productivity on the rise, I’m getting through reading books faster and right now, I’m in the middle of a really cool one. Sent in to me by an author looking for more reviews, Justice is about an angel sent down to earth to catch the murderer of a 13 year old girl forty years earlier. (Check it out on the Goodreads tab >>>)

The reading is going well, the writing is going well and the 17th Amazon review (for the US site) and 10th Amazon review (for the UK site) just went up for my short story “The Witch’s Touch.” It’s weird – this week has been a super stressful: I spent a few hours in hospital, work has been crazy and technology has been crashing all over the place, but still, it’s been a good week.

Wishing you all an amazing week this week and thanks for reading!

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