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#NewRelease Where Dreams End

Title: Where Dreams End

Author: Jethro Punter

Genre: Fantasy/Children’s




“Finally Adam has found where his mum could be hidden, deep within the dream world of Reverie. But finding her won’t be easy.

For a start she is somewhere far on the other side of the world, a place where no sane person would ever choose to go, the place the Nightmares come from. Even worse than that, the Queen of the Nightmares has her own plans in place, and Adam is caught right in the middle of her schemes. Then there is the small matter of a war between Nightmare factions, an impossible voyage across the great sea of dreams and clashes with the most ancient beings in all of Reverie.

Fortunately for Adam he has the help of an even odder group of friends than usual, which in Reverie means very odd indeed. But even with the help of friendly dream beings, Nightmare freedom fighters and clockwork cyborgs, this time Adam is in real trouble, stuck in the place where dreams end.

‘Where Dreams End’ is the third book in the Daydreamer Chronicles series.”


This is the second book written by Jethro Punter in our new release segment. Here is his first: “The Boy Who Dreamed the World.”

Yes, this is a children’s series! Now three books in, this series is doing pretty well review-wise. The first book has eight 5-star reviews on Amazon and a lot of good acclaim on Goodreads. Book three is just recently released and continues the adventures of Adam through the dream world: the Reverie.


Where can you get it?

If you fancy reading the whole series, the books are actually super cheap in both Kindle format and paperback and here they are on Amazon:

The Boy Who Dreamed the World

Welcome to Moonshine

Where Dreams End


Stalker Links?

Author Jethro Punter DOES have stalker links – the Facebook page for the series AND a shiny as heck website.

Thanks for reading all about this new release!


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