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Reading Comas: The Secret to Good Mental Health

You ever have a week where you want to lock the door, curl up under a blanket and leave the world to do its thing? That is a week that needs a mental health day, for sure.

I took a day this week to stay inside, drink banana tea and read like crazy. Yes, banana tea is a thing and I couldn’t recommend it more. (Comment if you want the recipe – I’ll share!)

Some great books have found their way into my inbox lately, some really underrated self-published books and spending the whole day reading them was such a stress reliever. So began the reading coma: that vegetative state in which you are so engrossed with what you’re doing that you can’t possibly move. Sometimes it’s Angry Birds, but mostly it’s books.

Let me tell you, a reading coma was just what the doctor didn’t order, but really should because it’s so good for us. (Seriously, why prescribe drugs that cost money when you could just give people an excuse to curl up and read? I’d take that doctor’s note in a second!)




Stress is kinda inevitable. Work is usually loves giving stress a big helping hand, and sometimes it’s tough enough keeping it out of the home, too. Taking a mental health day and cramming it full of books, tea and biscuits probably isn’t going to give us a totally clean slate. We’re still going to feel the pressure of life and all its nasty little surprises at times. But honestly, these pockets of time in which we choose to do nothing and think about nothing other than the book we’re reading are what get us through the hard times.

For a little while, it’s more mind-easing to worry about the characters and what will happen next rather than the more depressing realities of life. So for goodness sake, no matter what you do for a living or what’s going on in your life, give yourself a moment of peace, if not a day. We may think we’re too busy, but how are we supposed to give our all without letting ourselves recharge?

So, if you’re looking for someone to give you permission, here it is, buttercup. Go and buy yourself a series. Not a book, a series. One you’ve been meaning to read for ages, in paperbackSit your butt down on the sofa, turn yourself into a human blanket burrito and forget the world outside the front door exists. It doesn’t. Not right now.

Also, do yourself a favour and turn your phone off. Janice’s baby pictures can wait. So can Melanie’s make-up based pyramid scheme.

Truth be told, we’re not that great at figuring out when we need a break. We don’t think to ourselves that actually, this week has been rough and we could do with a time-out. We keep going until all the stress boils over and we become either a blubbering mess or a would-be axe murderer. So, here’s a plan: we commit to falling into a reading coma before we lose our minds. It’s called self-care and if we’re going to be functional human beings, we need it.

So, go! Take a mental health day and for goodness sake don’t skimp on the cake.

Thanks for reading – and seriously, if you want that banana tea recipe, just ask!

4 thoughts on “Reading Comas: The Secret to Good Mental Health”

  1. Well, Rosie you’ve certainly got my attention with banana tea! I’m game – what’s the recipe?

    I’m lucky that I’ve changed my work hours recently and get a couple of days every week to myself; most of the time I fill it with housework, doctors appointments, hair appointments, visiting my older relatives and the like but I do, occasionally, just veg out at home and read. It is bliss.

    I hope you enjoy your next day too, Rosie. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! So happy you’re interested, it’s the best tea ever! I’m putting up a blog post on Tuesday that has the recipe. It’s a part of a Tea for Readers segment of posts recommending the best reading teas.

      That’s awesome, it’s so great you’ve got some time to yourself to just focus on you. I hope you always have that!

      Thanks Flora, fingers crossed it’ll be a books and bath bomb kinda day x


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