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June’s Reading Catch-Up

June has been a GREAT reading month, I’ve had the pleasure of reading loads of really good indie books that I’m more than happy to recommend.

Most of the books I’ve read this month have had quite dark undertones and heavy elements of mystery and that combination is just the best. OK, I knooooow I should be broadening my reading horizons but honestly, I really hope I get a few more of these kind of books in my inbox for July.

Anyway, here’s the run-down of all the awesome books I got to read this June:


The Tiger with a Sapphire Eye

Three teenagers in the 1930s thrown into an adventure involving an ancient book, a magical statue and a bank robbery. Long story short, these kids accidentally get into a lot of shenanigans on account of thieves lusting for power. This one was a real work of art!

Here’s the Amazon link.

The Raven Queen

A shape-shifter romance with a twist: the wolf shifters are now being led by a raven. The Raven Queen. This one has a lot of feels and action, so a great one if you’re looking to sink into a heavy romance.

Here’s the Amazon link.




This one is the epitome of the dark magical mystery genre I’m so addicted to right now. An angel comes to earth to solve a murder and find the body of a girl who went missing decades ago. In the process, he finds his soulmate tangled up in the murder mystery and has to protect her from the evils lying dormant in the community. If you’re up for a mystery, this book is the one.

Here’s the Amazon link.


A Rhyme of Dark Words

A coming-of-age involving a teenage witch just discovering her powers, a mysterious town with a morbid, magical history and a house that holds the answers to defeating a great evil. This one also has teens without much drama but lots of action and magic. A big thumbs up for this one.

Here’s the Amazon link.


Wicked Descent

This one was SUPER dark, so dark that it was almost uncomfortable to read but really difficult to stop reading. It’s a crazy effective formula. Another coming-of-age of a teenage girl discovering her powers, she is guided by a mysterious boy who IS NOT her love interest. Wicked Descent doesn’t stick to the rules and is still a really awesome read.

Here’s the Amazon link.


FYI, I recommend all these books, especially if you’re in a broody place and need some dark reads. Happy reading! X

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