New Releases

#NewRelease – Rise of the White Witch

Title: Rise of the White Witch

Author: Jeremy Smith

Genre: Magic Realism/YA Paranormal





“With new-found friends and magical powers growing, life seems to be improving for Tilly Hart. Christmas is only a snowflake away, and with a sprig of mistletoe on standby to entice Richard, what could possibly go wrong…?

When the villagers of Witheridge begin to vanish and statues start appearing, Tilly suspects the worst. Only after she senses another witch does she truly realise the deadly danger they are all in.

With time running out, Tilly goes back to Darkwurm to find an answer. With the Wanderer at her side, she finds death and an evil that seems unstoppable.

But only Tilly can prevent the dark events unfolding. Events that will leave one of them scarred forever.”


I’ve recently reviewed book one of this series, called “A Rhyme of Dark Words”, which you can check out here. Spoiler alert, it’s a really enjoyable coming-of-age magic realism.

So, book two definitely deserves a plug here. The review for book two will be coming in the next few months and I can’t wait to get started on Tilly’s second adventure as she gets to grips with her new witchy powers and maybe even takes things further with her new beau.


Where can I get it?

Reading these in order is recommended, so check out book one “A Rhyme of Dark Words” first, but book two “Rise of the White Witch” is available now, as of 31st May 2019. Book three is on it’s way!


Stalker Links?

Author Jeremy Smith has a few stalkable places on the interwebs, including his website, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Thanks for reading! 


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