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30 Day Blog Challenge

Everyone has been trying this lately and I just had to try it – the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

I’m going to post a new blog post every day for a month just to see if it’s really possible. Also, I’ve put together a bunch of book-related stuff you might want to read about including what’s #1 on the urban fantasy book charts right now, giveaways and the best beverages to drink while cosying up with a book.

I’m really excited to do this and since we’ve recently reached 200 followers, it seems like the right time to give this challenge a good whack.

Game of Thrones has gone some way to inspiring starting this challenge – it’s been on my TV non-stop lately, totally binge-watching it. It’s difficult not to watch the likes of Danaerys Targaryan, Ariya Stark and even Cersei Lannister kick so much butt and not feel a little bit motivated.

So, mad as it seems taking on this challenge while writing books, reading books and doing those things that pay the bills, let’s do this thing!

Here’s the weekly itinerary for the next month, so you know what to look forward to:

  • Monday – What’s on the TBR pile? – A sneak peek into TSL upcoming reads.
  • Tuesday – Best book beverages – some crazy, tasty things to drink while reading.
  • Wednesday – Book reviews – as per usual.
  • Thursday – #1 Urban fantasy book on Amazon feature.
  • Friday – New release features – as per usual.
  • Saturday – Urban fantasy merch – what cool stuff you can buy from your favourite UF series.
  • Sunday – Sunday updates– as per usual.

I’ve been thinking about other cool things to include on the blog and I want your opinion on them. Would you like to see author interviews on this blog? Do you want to get to know the creative minds behind the books featured and reviewed here?

Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

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