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Wicked Descent #BookReview

Title: Wicked Descent

Author: Scarlett Kol

Genre: Magic Realism/YA Paranormal

Rating: 5 stars



“All families have secrets, but what Avery doesn’t know might try to kill her.

The day Avery Belmont was born, her father disappeared. Shortly after, her mother stole her away to Detroit, far away from the secrets buried deep in Shady Creek. But when her estranged grandmother dies, Avery is forced to return and face the rumors that she’s a witch, making her wish she’d never come back—until Drew Montgomery gives her a reason to stay.

Drew knows things no one else knows. Things about Avery, about her family’s past, and about what really happened to her father. However, the price for information may be too high as getting close to the striking, yet caustic Drew starts to have deadly consequences, and living with the lies may be safer than uncovering the truth.”


forty years ofmagnificence (28)


5 stars!

Who’s driving this thing?

Avery Belmont has just moved to Shady Creek with her mother after the death of her grandmother. Not a volatile or particularly angsty teenager, Avery feels uncomfortable in this new place but wants to make the best of it. She usually has a great relationship with her mother (which is also kinda unusual for the genre!), but so overcome with grief for her own mother, their relationship has taken a nose-dive.

Avery came across as a really likable character because while she craves acceptance, she doesn’t sell out to get it. She quite naturally makes friends, even though some of those friends quickly turn into enemies. She’s smart enough but a little naïve and has been crafted into a really relatable, realistic and lovely character.


What’s this all about?

When Avery first arrives, she accidentally breaks what she believes is a Christmas decoration (it’s important, I promise!) Shortly after making friends with Lily, her twin brother Bennet and their entourage, Drew Montgomery shows up at school. Drew reveals to Avery that he has special powers – and so does she.

Drew teaches Avery how to use her powers and where they come from. Before long, Avery discovers that magic runs down both sides of her family tree and she has a moral responsibility to learn how to control it.

Her mentor becomes her enemy when Drew learns that Avery is ultimately more powerful than he is, and soon Avery is negotiating with a sadist to stop her friends and family from getting hurt.




What’s so great about it?

The twists and turns in this book made for a really awesome story. It was impossible to predict and full of surprises, really standing out from other books in the same genre. Wicked Descent takes the original formula for coming-of-age teenage witch discovery books and makes it its own. Cracking stuff!

I’ve already mentioned how much I liked Avery, but Drew as an antagonist was truly special. He was a special kind of sadist: really intelligent and manipulative as though he had been honing those skills for centuries.

The book has a really dark feel to it that is scarily alluring and I’m looking forward to the sequel!


What’s not so great about it?

I’m finding it really hard to pinpoint anything I didn’t like about this book and that’s why it’s earned itself 5 stars. It made me uncomfortable and intrigued at the same time and it really takes hold of the reader. Loved it!


Where can I find it?

Wicked Descent is available in e-book and paperback format on Amazon and is RIDICULOUSLY lacking in reviews considering how good this book is. So, I not only recommend it but urge you to review it once you’ve read it – this one needs more fanfare than it’s getting!


Congratulations to author Scarlett Kol for earning The Secret Library recommended reads seal!

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Thanks for reading!

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