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Showing off my cool UF merch

I don’t brag about much. I can’t talk myself up in an interview to save my life but I will gush about my Harry Potter merch until you fall asleep. Guaranteed you’ll be catching z’s before 9pm, including you insomniacs out there. In fact, if you are an insomniac give me a call, I charge by the hour.

Sometimes we love a book or a series so much we just want to be in it, but the closest we can possibly get, short of someone FINALLY inventing VR for our book worlds, is merchandise. Over the last few years I’ve acquired some cool merch, mostly from the world of Harry Potter and if you are a Harry Potter fan, I want to show you the awesome stuff we can get.

Behold! The coolest thing you can buy as a Harry Potter fan:

The Trunk


Nothing can get you closer to packing for Hogwarts than having your own trunk with your initials on it!


Where the heck can I get this?

I got mine at the Harry Potter shop at King’s Cross Station in London, where you can purchase the trunk and have your initials put onto it before you go PLUS they give you your very own Hogwarts acceptance letter included.

However, you don’t need to go in store to get it, you can get it here on the official website for Harry Potter merch. I love my trunk, so I really wanted to share this with you guys!

Thanks for reading!

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