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Dealing with a Reading Slump

Last week, I was three books ahead of my reading schedule, but as ever, life gets in the way. I’ve missed reading but this week, I’m going to get a serious wiggle on with getting through my to-be-read pile.

Reading slumps are a real downer. It must be different for everyone but when I read, I feel super productive while still really enjoying myself and that’s a really difficult formula to find in life. So not having read a book this week has made me feel like a total potato. A productivity potato.

90% of the books I’ve read recently have all been e-books and I’ve been craving a paperback, or *drool* a hardback. E-books are convenient for sure, and there’s no need to wait at least 24 hours for delivery, but I wanna feel that book, right now.

Maybe it’s because it’s summer and the picture of lounging on the beach in the sun under a gigantic hat with a paperback. It’s sunny out and we’d all rather be living that fantasy. But it’s just not the same getting sand in the cracks of our Kindle than the page of our book. Frankly, that’s not just irritating, it’s potentially pretty expensive. And isn’t it bad enough getting sand in our bikinis?

In this next few weeks, I’m going to commit to buying a few indie paperbacks and reignite the reading passion. Put it in my backpack and worry the corners will get bent. Make it take up more space on the bookshelf. Have my husband shake his head and say “Another one?” when he gets home from work. Yup, I’ve talked myself into it.

Don’t worry, this reading slump doesn’t mean any fewer book reviews in the next few weeks, so you’ll have plenty of recommendations to choose from if you fancy getting yourself your own paperbacks. I recommend it. Nay, I give you permission. The permission you know you want from someone because your SO or even your friends (who are probably on the verge of hosting an intervention for you) are probably going to say no. At least, they will if you have as much of a problem as me.

Yeah, here’s the solution to a reading slump: buy more books. Nothing will make you want to read more than getting a paperback dropped on your doormat. At least, that’s how I’m going to solve this problem.

Thanks for reading!

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