Tea for Readers

Teas for Readers 102

A few years ago, I spent a year in China with my husband and we started a weekly ritual. Wait to attend the very last showing of a movie so we could have the whole theatre to ourselves, and pick up this amazing tea and snacks on the way.

Some might argue this isn’t tea, but honestly, it’s delicious and the perfect beverage for reading. Chocolate lovers, be prepared to have your world rocked. Spoiler alert: it’s not hot chocolate!

Chocolate Milk Tea

This stuff is beautiful. Milk tea, mixed with chocolate and heated up. In my opinion, it’s better than hot chocolate because it’s more milky and less chocolatey and the balance is perfect.

This stuff is, so far, mostly available in Chinese businesses like Coco and if you visit China Town in London, you basically can’t move for milk tea shops. I wish I had the recipe for this one because if I could make this at home, I’d never look back.

The fun thing about chocolate milk tea is that it’s a bubble tea, so you can also add tapioca, mango etc. “bubbles” to it for an extra kick.

This is such a warming, comforting drink that it’s just perfect for reading. Even if you have to buy one out in town and then run to the nearest library (don’t tell the librarians you have it!) to curl and read with it, it’s so worth it.

So, high-tail it down to a Cocos or another kind of milk tea business and get yourself some chocolate milk tea because you will be warm inside for the rest of the day. It’s like a spa day in your tummy!

Thanks for reading!

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