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#NewRelease – Kindled Legends

Title: Kindled Legends

Author: Many, many, many authors.

Genre: Fantasy


kindled legends.PNG


“Burning Embers is a social media based community of authors, where authors discuss, share ideas, and support one another.

“It takes a community to rise above the ashes of obscurity.”

Join five of the founding members as they share fiery tales, and explore new worlds.

*Half of the proceeds will go to supporting the Burning Embers community, and half will go to supporting Red Cross.

You’ll love these stories involving mermaids, warring phoenixes and enchanting spells because everyone loves a struggle between good and evil and love and honor.”


This one is fantasy-focused. Lots of mythical creatures and magic in this box set. It’s been put together by a small group of authors working together on social media to create a wholesome, supportive environment for writers. This is their first project!

Kindled Legends is another ridiculously cheap box set: 99c/99p for several novels. I mean, this is crazy! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy which will be released on 20th August. Also, how beautiful is this cover?


Where I can get it?

Like most boxed sets, Kindled Legends is available across a huge number of platforms, so you can find this on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and several others. There’s no way your favourite platform won’t be on there.

Thanks for reading!

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