Tea for Readers

Teas for Readers 103

Is anyone else sweating bullets every day right now?

It’s the middle of July and it’s hot. So hot that the only thing we’re really comfortable doing is showering, swimming or pulling all the drawers out of the freezer and curling up inside for a few minutes.

But we don’t care how hot it gets, we can’t stop drinking tea. Hot tea. Cold tea is it’s own awesome thing, especially peach iced tea (don’t get me started) but reading with Lipton’s isn’t quite the same.

I’ve already admitted to an unhealthy addiction to LGB-Tea (Lemon, Ginger, Banana Tea) and Chocolate Milk Tea – check out those teas if you haven’t already – but there’s way more teas where that came from.

Peach and Raspberry Blend

This one’s nice and easy compared with the last two because you don’t have to boil any bananas or go down to Cocos and buy it and then run home to keep it warm in time for reading.

I love drinking this one in the evenings, it’s definitely a post 5pm drink. I get it at a store called Lidl and it’s a lovely, simple teabag that I leave in the cup for a good five minutes to get a strong flavour. It’s gorgeous.

Peaches and raspberries are my favourite fruits and so, for me, this tea is wonderful. So, fruit lovers need to check this one out.


What books is this tea good for?

Not the dark, gritty urban fantasy you’ve just bought. This tea is definitely for the more light-hearted reads. Maybe an academy book or a coming-of-age magic realism. I mean, there’s a reason people refer to good stuff as “peaches and cream.” Raspberries and peaches don’t go well with murder and mayhem.

Thanks for reading!

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