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What’s on the TBR list?

You ever get those times when you realise just how big your to-be-read pile is? When you start to think you might have a reading problem but then you remember that there’s no such thing as Bookaholics Anonymous. So we buy five more books on sale and hope the book pile doesn’t fall on us in our sleep.

I had one of those moments last week.

Ever since I’ve been reading the books that get sent to my inbox by lovely, giving authors in search of a review, I’ve had more books piling up than I can possibly read on my e-reader.

But I haven’t forgotten all those books I bought months ago that I haven’t had a chance to read. Last week I had a dig through my to-be-read pile and picked out a few that found their way to the bottom, but really should have been read by now. Aaaaaand here they are!


Crimson Horizon by Heather Renee and Lela Grayce

crimson horizon.PNG

When I first looked at this one, I was captivated. Crimson Horizon is a fantasy book, which isn’t usually my go-to but the blurb and the cover sold it. When I saw it again in the depths of my TBR pile, I had to pluck it out and put it at the head of the queue. (Really not a fan of queue jumpers but hey, I can make exceptions.)

Just to cut this one down to the cliff-notes: a murdered family, vampires and pirates. Not going to lie, I’m really excited to read this one.


Sorceress Awakening by Lisa Blackwood


Here’s our bread and butter: a good ol’ urban fantasy. Like a few of the books I’ve been meaning to read lately, Sorceress Awakening is not hopping on any hot bandwagons. In fact, I don’t think I’ve read many books with a gargoyle as the supporting protagonist.

This book sells itself as a young woman discovering her magical powers: a magical coming-of-age. (Who doesn’t love those?) Considering I’m all about the witches right now, it’s a good one to slap back on the top of the list.


Rebel’s Blade by Frost Kay


I think I might be about to start a fantasy kick right now. Don’t worry, The Secret Library Book Blog is going to stay a primarily urban fantasy, paranormal, supernatural book blog. But we are lovers of magic and adventure and if you told me you never felt like reading fantasy, I’d stick a few highly recommended fantasy reads in your face and ask you again in a few months. Or hours. Probably hours.

Rebel’s Blade is all about rebellion against a corrupt monarchy and a brave swordsmith determined to lead the way. Again, this cover and blurb blew me away and I feel like it’s really earned it’s spot at the top of the TBR list.


I have got to start making time for more books, I feel like things have been a bit slow lately. Even The Rise of Kyoshi has had to take a back seat with everything that’s been going on: FYI writing two novels and planning a third as well as the blog. I’m not going sit here and tell you I hate being busy with reading and writing, it’s amazing and I’ll never stop.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “What’s on the TBR list?”

  1. I’ve read the Gargoyle and Sorceress the first 5 books or so, only cause the others hadn’t released at that point yet and I haven’t got back to going and re-reading them so I remember what was going on. I remember it being a mixture of sort of the gargoyle acting like a dog being really annoying to there being slightly odd sexual moments with the sorceress getting into the gargoyle in his non-human form. As is usual with these sorts of things, I enjoyed the story just sometimes there is way too much unnecessary sexual stuff in what otherwise would be perfect for young adults.

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