Tea for Readers

Teas for Readers 104

Whelp, we’re still melting. Nothing for it but ice cold baths, fans and frappucinos.

Because it’s still crazy hot, I wanted to explore a few teas that are refreshing but still hot. I’ve downed three times my bodyweight in peach iced tea in the last few days to stay cool and because I’m a shameless addict. But like I mentioned last week in Teas for Readers 103, there’s just something about hot tea that makes reading that much more peaceful.

What do you mean it’s too hot for hot tea? Down and give me twenty! Pages. We are readers and this is serious business.

Still, if hot tea isn’t up there on your list of reading beverages because drinking it might actually melt your face off, here’s a tea that’ll make it worth it.

Peppermint Tea

Thing about peppermint is that it’s one of the most refreshing ingredients ever and therefore, great for hot weather.

I’d love to make peppermint tea with the raw ingredients but so far I’ve only made it the quick ‘n easy way: with a teabag. But after looking up the recipe, it looks super easy and highly customisable. Let’s face it, mint goes with everything.

Here’s the bones of the recipe:

  1. Put your desired number of mint leaves in a teapot of hot water.
  2. Let brew for ten mint-utes. (Literally typo-ed that terrible joke and just decided to leave it, and boom.)
  3. Add honey and/or lemon.
  4. Drink up with a suitable book.


What books are best with this tea?

I’m envisioning lying out in the sun on a picnic blanket with this one. Wearing a romper and sunglasses with a fresh layer of sunscreen. This one’s good for all things magical for sure, it’s basically a tasty potion. But I’m willing to bet it’s also good with historical romances, regular romances and paranormal romances. Just romances, for sure.

Thanks for reading! This is the fourth Teas for Readers post, so if you want to check out the other three, here they are:

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9 thoughts on “Teas for Readers 104”

    1. That sounds awesome, are you going to grow it yourself and have an endless supply? I’m trying that with lemons right now but they take a long time to grow!

      It’s just too tempting no matter how hot it gets, right? 😀


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