Book Reviews, Four Stars

Dribs and Drabbles #BookReview

Title: Dribs and Drabbles

Author: Liz Tuckwell

Genre: Urban fantasy/magic realism

Rating: Four stars


forty years ofmagnificence (29)


“Dribs and Drabbles is a collection of fantastical flash fiction. They range from teeny tiny tales to drabbles (100 words exactly) to stories up to 1,500 words. These include “Scrooge”, a retelling of the classic “A Christmas Carol”, a completely original SF story, “The City From The Sea”, and the Red Riding Hood and Snow White fairy tales rebooted with a SF twist.”


What’s this all about?

I wanted to shake things up a little bit and read a collection of short fiction. Sometimes it’s just nice to read some bite-size stories.

Dribs and Drabbles is a collection of all sorts of short fiction. There’s a segment with six word stories, another with ten word stories. In fact, the stories get bigger and bigger until the grand finale with short stories of up to 1.5k words.

Some of them are retellings of fairytales and others are original pieces of urban fantasy.


What’s so great about it?

The stories are really entertaining and there are lots of great twists in the retelling that were totally off the wall and unexpected. There are elements of sci-fi in these urban fantasy stories and it’s a wicked combination.

Maybe because I’m just accustomed to them, I think I preferred the longer stories. The six word/ten word stories really packed a punch and got me right in the feels a lot, but the longer stories were my favourite.


What’s not so great about it?

I felt like some of the shorter stories were less of a retelling and more of a telling. It’s really hard to retell a story in six or ten words so it’s understandable but it’s just something I noticed.


Where can I get it?


Nah, just kidding. As always, it’s available on Amazon and I think it’s exclusive.

Thanks for reading!

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