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#NewRelease – Death Trap

Title: Death Trap

Author: Harper A. Brooks

Genre: Urban fantasy/magic realism

Release date: 15th June 2019




“As a reaper, Jade Blackwell mistakenly believed her job would be as simple as helping souls cross over after death. And maybe it would be, if the Angel of Death wasn’t out to get her.

With no idea why she’s on his hit list, she attempts to get answers by locating the reaper she replaced. But to do that, she must travel through Hell with a Guardian Angel who doesn’t agree with her dangerous plans.

Soon she discovers she’s only one piece of an ominous puzzle. With demons passing through the thinned veil between the living and non-living worlds, an apocalypse is inevitable. Jade may be the key in stopping the war–if she can find out who she is, control her gifts, and not get trapped in Hell in the process.”


We’ve got a sequel here! Book two in the Reaper Reborn series, Death Trap features Jade, a reaper who is still coming to terms with her new powers. Helping souls cross from one realm to the next isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Not going to lie, already super intrigued.

Angels of death haven’t crossed my to-be-read pile lately so I’m considering nabbing book one and trying this series out. The cover is gorgeous and the premise is up there on the original, potential-next-fad scale.

Death Trap hit the shelves on 15th June, but hopefully we won’t be waiting too long for a sequel!


Where can I get it?

Both book one: Death Wish and book two: Death Trap are both available on Amazon in e-book, paperback and audiobook formats.

Thanks for reading!


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