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Teas for Readers 105

A few years ago, me and my now-husband-then-fiancé spent a year living in the city of Hangzhou, in China. We had to forget everything we knew about food and drink and completely conform to their way of living. FYI, you will not find a good bar of chocolate under £5. (Best fiver you’ll ever spend.)

We ate rice, noodles and dumplings every day and we had to abandon the thought of having an English cup of tea. One of us nearly went mad (and it wasn’t me).

The good news was, there was plenty of other teas in China, just not the kind you could put milk and a few sugars in. I’ve already given a shout-out to my favourite kind of tea that we found in China: Chocolate Milk Tea (in Tea for Readers 102) which is hands down the tastiest beverage in the world.

But, we had our fair share of another cool tea:

Longjing Tea

Also known as – wait for it – Dragon Well tea. How cool is that? Because this tea is native to Hangzhou, this was definitely the best place to try it out.

Longjing tea is a green tea, so you can pretty much feel the health when you drink it. It’s a really nice tea to have with a meal but it’d be just as good with a book and a snack. Probably something fruity like an apple or a bowl of raspberries, just to make us feel even more on top of our health game.


What books are best with this tea?

If you’re fluent in Mandarin, try reading Harry Potter in Chinese characters. We actually have books 1 and 2 in Mandarin and while I can’t read most of it for the life of me, my husband rather enjoys them.

If you’re like me and “ni hao” is about all you can speak, then I’d give some epic fantasy a whirl. There’s something about green tea that really reminds me of China and what the dragons and epic legends that originate from there, it usually puts me in an epic mood. Fantasy, mythology and folklore or maybe some fairytale retellings – there are some really great retellings out there in the indie book world right now. (If you fancy checking some out, I recommend author Emma Hamm – one of my favourites!)


Where can I get it?

Well, it’s a Chinese tea, so this one is definitely an import. Having said that, you can get it on Amazon in the price ranges of: quite cheap to I need to sell my kidney. The most popular way to drink this is with tea leaves rather than bags, though you can use either.

My recommendation is to get it in the cool tins they can come in with Chinese lettering on the front. (Life hack to look super-travelled without even getting a passport!)

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