#1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts

What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts?

Good news! We have a new contender at the top of the Teen and Young Adult Urban Fantasy Chart that isn’t a repeat of last weekor the week before!

So, remember how I mentioned last week that urban fantasy academy books are hot right now? Well, we have another academy book at the top of the charts!

What is #1 this week?



Darkblood Academy by G.K. Derosa

While the front cover looks a little dicey to me (it’s just the face, is anyone else seeing this face?), the academy looks amazing and I’m in love with the font. Anyway, now I’m done judging this book by it’s cover, let’s have a look at the blurb:


“Our task is simple. Kill all the demon baddies before they wreak havoc on the human realm and destroy the fragile peace between our two worlds. Easy peasy, right? 

Well, if I can’t figure out how to get this devil’s mark off my chest, the demons won’t stop coming for me. Luckily, my long lost father has shown up promising to help me get rid of it. But do I really want a dark warlock’s help? 

Then there’s my love life—or serious lack there of. I broke all the rules my first semester, and the worst was falling for my demon bad boy instructor. Our so-called relationship is strictly forbidden and if he can’t get his inner demon under control, we’re totally screwed. 

To make matters worse, the dark lord of the Underworld has set her sights on me and my unique powers. She’s dead set on making the human world her evil minions’ playground and thinks I’m the key to stopping her. 

So I guess I have to be… “


Magic. Demons. Forbidden love. This one has a seriously dark vibe going on and it looks awesome. The author has warned that it’s a pretty steamy read so it’s probably only suitable for those who are 16+. This is book one in the series and the author has also mentioned that the series gets progressively more steamy – like that’s a bad thing! You can check out all of these warnings on the book’s Amazon page in case you’d like to read it yourself.


Where can I get it?

Funnily enough, the book’s Amazon page!

Darkblood Academy is available in e-book and paperback format. The paperback is looking a little bit on the pricey side. At least, it is for me, but G.K. DeRosa is a USA Today Bestselling author so with that sort of backing, the pricing is probably justified.

Thanks for reading!

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