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The End…?

At the beginning of July, I started the 30 day challenge for The Secret Library Book Blog and it’s been a real blast. It was no secret I enjoyed writing this blog but as it turns out, I actually love blogging.

When I first set out, I really thought this would be difficult, especially with writing two books and deadlines for both. But while it was tricky, the fun I’ve had doing it made this challenge feel like no work at all. In fact, it was over before I knew it. So, here’s what’s happening: I’m carrying on.

I’m going to keep posting every day until it is literally impossible to carry on, if that time ever comes. I’ve got a good idea as to what to post every day and I’m keeping the most popular topics that I started at the beginning of July, such as the Teas for Readers and What’s #1 on the Urban Fantasy Charts? topics. Apparently, you really do just want to find new books to read and drink tea.

Y’all my people ❤

In case you want to keep track of what’s going down every week, here’s the itinerary:

Monday – What’s on the TBR list?

Tuesday – Teas for Readers

Wednesday – Book reviews

Thursday – What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts?

Friday – New release features

Saturday – Lessons learned from reading

Sunday – Wrap-ups and rambles.


I was at a bit of a loss as to what to write about on Saturdays once I burned through talking about all the urban fantasy merchandise I actually owned. But the fact is, there’s a bunch of stuff we can learn from reading and I’ve learned loads from reading indie books.

What I want to focus on to start with is how I’ve learned to detect a good indie book from a not-so-good indie book. From the big red flags to the little bumps in the road and everything in between.

I love indie books, but because anyone can publish a book these days, quality control is hit-and-miss. So hopefully, with the help of a few hints and tips, it’ll be easier for you to figure out how to purchase the indie books you’re going to enjoy.

Now, I’m totally open to ideas about topics for the blog and if there is something you want to see on the blog, I’d love to know. I’m always open to suggestions and if it’s a feasible idea, I’m happy to give things a shot. And you guys are a part of this blog, too.

I hope you like the new line-up and I’m really looking forward to carrying on blogging daily, now I know that I can fit it into my schedule. Let’s get stuck into August!

Thanks for reading!

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