Tea for Readers

Teas for Readers 106

What happens when your paycheque is a little bigger than you were expecting? You splash out on teas and books, maybe a new blanket. Pillows. New calligraphy pens. OK, I’ve got a long list of stuff.

Anyway, this time I got some new teas to try out and they’re a little unusual. As in, they make some pretty big claims.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the magic of tea. They can make you feel better and even help your healing. In my experience, my signature LGB-Tea (lemon, ginger, banana tea) does wonders to settle my stomach and resolve any temporary digestive issues. But I’ve bought a few teas that claim to boost our immune systems. Not going to lie, I saw that one the shelf and thought wow, I’m up for that!


Tetley Super Fruits Immune with Vitamin C



Fruity teas are right up my alley. Or is that, my cup of tea? Nope, doesn’t sound right.

At the beginning of this year, I got sick so much that I spent half my life in bed and so I’m not going to turn down any help strengthening my immune system. I honestly don’t know how good this tea is at doing that, but it does taste pretty good.

This tea has so many tasty fruits rolled into one and it’s perfect for all the rainy days we’ve had lately down in London.

The best part? When it’s brewed quite strong, it kinda makes you look a little bit like a bookaholic vampire.



Is that the blood of our enemies or our recommended daily dose of vitamin C? I’ll never tell.


What books are best with this tea?

I’m thinking a nice, dark urban fantasy set in a castle in the middle of nowhere. Let’s say, urban fantasy horror. Something with ghosts, vampires and creatures of the night in it. I don’t know what it is, but drinking this tea makes me feel both healthy and completely diabolical.


Where can I get it?

Yet again, I got this one from Lidl, but it’s Tetley, so you can pretty much get this one anywhere in the UK. If you’re outside the UK, I have no idea if Tetley tea is readily available but Amazon will probably have it in stock. You can get anything on there, am I right?

Thanks for reading!

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