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Rise of the White Witch #BookReview

Title: Rise of the White Witch

Author: Jeremy Smith

Genre: Urban fantasy/magic realism

Rating: Five stars


forty years ofmagnificence (28)



“With new-found friends and magical powers growing, life seems to be improving for Tilly Hart. Christmas is only a snowflake away, and with a sprig of mistletoe on standby to entice Richard, what could possibly go wrong…?

When the villagers of Witheridge begin to vanish and statues start appearing, Tilly suspects the worst. Only after she senses another witch does she truly realise the deadly danger they are all in.

With time running out, Tilly goes back to Darkwurm to find an answer. With the Wanderer at her side, she finds death and an evil that seems unstoppable.

But only Tilly can prevent the dark events unfolding. Events that will leave one of them scarred forever.”


Who’s driving this thing?

Tilly Hart is back behind the wheel in this one and she’s certainly a more evolved character in this book. She takes it upon herself to learn as much magic as she can and she has a hard time admitting to herself how addictive it is.

Her powers are stronger, her will is iron-clad and she’s ready to kick some witch butt.


What’s this all about?

Rise of the White Witch is the epic sequel to A Rhyme of Dark Words which I have already read and reviewed (you can check out the review right here).

Tilly is a witch new to her powers and she learns the only way she can: trial and error, and some old magic books. Her magic is strongest in the realm of Darkwurm and more dark magic is about to test her skills.

The legend of the five Brocken witches has returned and one of the sisters is determined to bring back Elspeth Brocken, the most powerful of them all. Fighting golems, capable of turning people into stone and the advanced magic of the Brocken witch, Tilly, Wilf and Becca really kick things up a notch in this one.




What’s so good about it?

There was a lot more action in this book than book one and I just loved that. The spells were more complicated, the evolution of the characters were enjoyable and the introduction of inner demons to Tilly’s personal arc really adds more spice to the storyline.

The antagonist in Rise of the White Witch is a Brocken witch with, it feels, more fire in her belly than her predecessor and she is a smart one. She really raised the stakes for Tilly and her friends.

The relationships between the characters are more complex now, with Tilly trying her hardest to keep her secret from her dad and trying to salvage a love life despite everything going wrong. There is a definite clash between the magical side of her life and the human side and it makes for a great read.


What’s not so great about it?

I was really too engrossed to notice. I think I found one typo but that was about it. I loved this book!

Rise of the White Witch has earned itself The Secret Library’s Recommended Reads seal! Congratulations Jeremy Smith!

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Where can I get it?

Amazon! In e-book and paperback format. For am indie paperback, the price is pretty good and I’m tempted to get one. Check it out for yourself!

If you want to know what I thought of book one, here’s the review.

Thanks for reading!

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