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What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts?

When I took a look at the Teen and Young Adult Urban Fantasy chart this week, I literally facepalmed. Do you remember a few weeks ago when Inception was at the top of the charts two weeks in a row, so I used the next viable book: The Shadow Student?

Well, this week, The Shadow Student actually made it to #1 in the charts. The kicker? Darkblood Academy from last week and Inception are now #2 and #3 respectively. What are the dang odds?

Still, these three books like they’re still doing really well and that’s amazing. But, I’m now forced to look a little way down the list to give y’all a new book to look at.

So, here’s what we’re doing this week: #4


Dragon Fire Academy by Rachel Jonas

Like all the academy books hitting the charts, this cover is gorgeous. The. Title. Lettering. Are you as in love as me? The whole “secret garden” element is beautiful, truly I haven’t seen a cover this amazing in a long time.

I won’t keep it from you any longer, here’s the blurb:

“Seriously? Four dragon warriors need to stalk my every move?

I get it. They think I’m dangerous, but I’m only on their island to learn. Not to destroy it.

This is another unfortunate side-effect of being the freak who descended from all three supernatural lineages. The bloodthirsty dragons, the destructive wolves, and the disloyal witches. Some believe that, when I transition in a few months, there’s a slight, teeny tiny chance I could unleash hell on the supernatural world. Call me crazy, but I’d know if I harbored that kind of power inside me.

… Wouldn’t I?

My entire life, all I’ve wanted was to be normal. Hence the reason I didn’t think twice about trading in my crown for a stack of books. I’ve got three terms on this island to prove the naysayers wrong, including my chaperones—Kai, Ori, Paulo, and Rayen.

These four are gorgeous, but also ominous as heck. Babysitting me has clearly taken their focus off something they’ve deemed more important. So, now they go out of their way to make my life a living hell, with hopes that I’ll give up and leave.

Thanks, guys.

You could cut the tension between us with a knife, but what’s weird is I don’t hate them all the time. There are even odd moments when I catch them watching me. And not in their usual “wish-you-were-dead” sort of way.

Even if I survive the academy, there’s still no guarantee these four and I won’t kill each other before graduation.”


The vibe I’m getting from the blurb is that this isn’t just an academy book but a reverse harem academy book. I might have mentioned that these kind of books are flying off the indie shelves right now, so there’s no surprise that this one is quite high up the charts.


Where can I get it?

Well, we’re on the Amazon charts, so that’s where you can find it. But, to save you digging around, here it is!

Dragon Fire Academy is available in e-book and paperback formats so whether the budget is a bit tight or you want to hold it in your hands for yourself, we’ve got options.

Thanks for reading!

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