#1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts

What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts?

Last week was a bit of a laugh, because the first three books at the top of the Teen and Young Adult Urban Fantasy chart had all already been featured in What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts in previous weeks.

This week is even more of a laugh, because when I picked up last week’s #4 to showcase, I had no idea it would shoot to #1 just in time for this week’s post. The chart Gods are cackling at me from above on their lofty book-clouds.

So, instead of reporting the #1 book for this week, I’m going to activate my psychic powers and tell you which book will be #1 next week because I’m pretty sure that’s where this is going.

This book is currently at #5 on the charts and is a little different from the academy books that have been hitting the top of the charts recently:



Matefinder by Leia Stone

According to the author, this book has actually been picked up by the movie industry and will soon be turned into a film. Author goals, am I right? What a huge achievement!

Shifter books are pretty popular right now, but this one takes a more old-fashioned angle. Instead of being born a werewolf, Aurora, the protagonist, is turned by an existing werewolf, Kai.

Going back to the traditional roots of the werewolf, Auror wasn’t born this way, but her destiny is set on a supernatural path.

Check out the blurb:

“Werewolves, facing the threat of extinction, desperately seek their mates to bear young. Aurora, a human far removed from the supernatural world, is nearing her own end after being fatally injured in a car accident. Kai, an alpha werewolf, lurks in the nearby trees watching her bleed out. He chooses to save her the only way he knows how, by changing her. Aurora struggles with her past as a domestic abuse survivor and the new dominating and violent lifestyle of a werewolf. No one is prepared for what happens next. The tides turn in favor of the werewolves. The Matefinder has been found, and she is more powerful than anybody ever imagined. But is she prepared to be the most hunted werewolf in history?”

Matefinder has a bit of a Twilight vibe to it and although in hindsight Twilight was a bit creepy on account of the controlling boyfriend, Matefinder has the same sort of dark aura. I doubt the Twilight era will have a resurgence, but this book is still doing really well.


Where can I get it?

Matefinder covers all the formats on Amazon: e-book, paperback and audiobook formats. I think the audiobook format is somehow free at the moment and I don’t know how long that’ll last so if you’re down for audiobooks, snap that one up while you can!

The prices for e-book and paperback are pretty standard, so no worries there either.

Thanks for reading!


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