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#NewRelease – Trial by Fae

Title: Trial by Fae

Author: Linsey Hall

Genre: Paranormal

Release date: 19th July 2019




“My fated mate is a powerful Fae king.
He must never realize who I am.

I lead a humble life slaughtering monsters. As long as no one learns that I’m descended from a line of forbidden Dragon Bloods, I can keep my job and my life.

But when a fiercely sexy Fae king realizes I’m his fated mate, I’ve got problems. Especially since A), he hates me and B), he learns my secret. It puts my whole life at risk. I want to kill my mate.

The stars align when my job sends me to the Fae Court as an undercover agent to investigate him. Did the king kill hundreds?

Even when I’m in disguise, he only has eyes only for me. He senses that I’m his mate, and our attraction is irresistible. Despite our mistrust, we can’t stay apart. But when he realizes what I’m up to, there will be hell to pay. That is, if I survive.”

* * *

See, here I was expecting a forbidden love story but this story is shaking things up a bit. Keeping a secret from the intended mate about her lineage, that’s a new one on me. I have to admit, I love fae stories. They’re even more appealing than witches and vampires to me, they’re so full of mystery and have a magical feel to them that the other supernatural species just don’t quite match.

Also, the fae have been developed by the indie community into a really bad-ass species. With their monarchs, their armies and wars, they are so far removed and way cooler than the dainty things we grew up with in folklore. I love what indie books have done to fairies.


Where can I get it?

On Amazon right now, Trial by Fae is available in all the standard formats: e-book, paperback and audiobook. The paperback price is looking pretty good and the e-book price is fairly standard.

As for audiobooks, I have zero idea what audiobooks cost right now because Amazon are trying to get me to sign up to a free Audible trial and every audiobook shows up as zilch.

Thanks for reading!

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