Sunday Thoughts


I’m on a roll reading good books right now. If the rest of the year is as good as right now, I’ll be a happy reader. After just having finished The Rise of Kyoshi here’s the review, posted Wednesday – I was a bit worried. The Rise of Kyoshi was one of those books so good that you become concerned the next one you read won’t be as enjoyable if you hadn’t just read an amazing book.

But, I shouldn’t have worried. The book I’m reading right now – I won’t spoil it now, I’ll show you tomorrow – is a really good read. It’s nice to get several books in a row that are truly enjoyable. Got my fingers crossed for a long run.

As well as reading, I’ve been trying out a new writing-related hobby in between reading, writing my books and work. Calligraphy!

I’ve always wanted to get good at calligraphy, it’s such a beautiful art form. YouTube is full of amazingly talented calligraphers who do tutorials and I’ve done my best to learn from them. I’m still a little shaky, but here’s how it’s going:


It’ll take a while to get any good, but it’s a start. In any case, it’s satisfying to write and super fun!

I’m looking for lots of opportunities to practice right now, so I’m inviting suggestions for cool quotes, positive affirmations or inspiring words to put down on paper. I’m not trying to be cheesy, there’s only so many times you can write the words “hello” and “tomato” before you start thinking: I’ve got to be a bit more inventive here.

One day, when I get a bit better, I’ll do some official “artworks” to put up on Instagram and just share it about.

If anyone reading is a calligrapher and has some tips to share or want to show me your own work, please get in touch. I’d love to talk scribbles with you.

Thanks for reading!

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