#1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts

What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts?

I didn’t really follow the book charts that much before I started this segment, but it’s really useful when writing my own books to see what people want to read right now. But by far the biggest lesson I’ve learned from following the Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy chart is that very often the same books will stay at the top of the chart for weeks at a time.

It’s a well deserved honour. If your book is good and popular enough to stay at the top of the charts for that long, you’re doing something right. It’s just a bit of a pain in the ol’ behind for me trying to showcase a new book every week!

So, let’s carry on as we have for the past several weeks because right now Dragon Fire Academy which was #4 when we showcased it two weeks ago is now #1. Congrats to author Rachel Jonas!

#2 and #3 are also books we have done before so we are going to look at #4 this week and it actually looks freaking amazing:



Crown of Dragons by Nina Walker

This one is a fantasy/urban fantasy hybrid from what I can gather, featuring our world with paranormal elements and a fantasy realm. Love these kinds of stories and after researching it for this feature, I bought the e-book. This one is going to be my holiday read!

Crown of Dragons is topping most of the Fairy Tale and Folklore charts in the USA right now but is somehow not doing so well in my native UK. No idea why, because this blurb is sweet:

“Khali Elliot is a princess —of sorts. She wasn’t born royal and yet she’s destined to become queen. As a Dragon Blessed with four elements running through her blood, her future lineage has already been claimed by the Brightcaster’ throne. She will marry one of the princes. She won’t get to choose which one. She will be obedient.

Until she’s not.

Hazel Forrester sees dead people. Her life is pretty much a bad made-for-tv special where being the haunted girl isn’t a gift, but a curse. Going away to college in a small town where nobody knows her seems to be a solid plan. That is until she meets Dean Ashton, the infuriating boy with fire in his eyes and far too many questions. She will ignore him. She will act normal.

Until she can’t.”


Super excited to read this one, the whole alternative universes trope especially with fantasy worlds are often amazing books. (I’m not generalising at all, honest!) Also, the cover is very different from the other books currently up there on the charts and let’s face it, it’s beautiful.


Where can I get it?

On Amazon Crown of Dragons is e-book and paperback only right now but considering the author’s recent success, maybe there will be audiobook available soon? Who knows.

E-book price is really good at the moment and the paperback has a fairly standard price, you’re looking at brick-and-mortar book store price for the paperback.

Thanks for reading!

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