Calligraphy Saturdays

Calligraphy Saturday

So I’ve given some thought as to what to post regularly on Saturdays, because the last few weeks it’s been a bit up in the air. But, I’ve settled on something that is a little bit different and (I hope) a little bit visually appealing.

Just lately I’ve taken up a new hobby to squeeze into the small gaps between blogging, novel writing and my dastardly day job: calligraphy.

I have to be honest about it, I’ve just started and I’m pretty rubbish but hopefully, after practicing a few times a week, I’ll get a little better each time. So, I thought Saturday is a good day to document the journey from being a reckless amateur to a better calligrapher.

Loads of writers take up calligraphy to have a more visually artistic element to their writing and the good writers make some beautiful stuff. I’d love to make art like that.

So, every Saturday I’ll post my progress!

If you’re an experienced calligrapher, feel free to drop me some comments about what I could improve on. If you’re a newbie calligrapher, join the journey!

This week I decided to try an elegant lettering that’s not too challenging. I’m still coming to terms with the pressure on the strokes and that’s made the lettering a little bit wobbly. But I love this lettering and it’s great for beginners. Here’s my first attempt:


You can laugh, it’s OK!

It’s shaky and totally amateur but it’s the first of many that will hopefully get increasingly better. Fingers crossed. All of them, and toes too.

Still, it was really fun to write and I can’t wait to keep practicing because I would love to do some really good calligraphy work for Scorpio’s Grace in the run-up to the release and for future books too.

Let’s get started!

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Calligraphy Saturday”

  1. Great post! Template pages are so helpful for practicing! But for the life of me, I cannot get the lettering just right. I run a blog about trying all sorts of new hobbies and activities. My most recent post is about my attempt at calligraphy! Check it out!

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