Sunday Thoughts


It’s party time!

My three weeks of holiday just started and I’m ready to rock, and by rock I mean read, write and calligraph myself into a coma. You know, introvert stuff. Candles, incense and blankets will probably be involved. Oh, and tea!

Having said that, urban fantasy TV is looking really interesting lately. Although Sabrina has taken a back seat for now on the to-watch list, a brand new urban fantasy series has just launched and I’m actually desperate to watch it. Have you ever heard of Carnival Row?

Firstly, it stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. Can’t go wrong there. Secondly, it’s about the age-old clash between humans and supernaturals. Also, a total winner. That’s all I could glean from the advert and Wiki page short of actually watching it.


I’ve been waiting for a show like this to happen for ages. The sort of steampunk, Victorian-era urban fantasy that harks back to fairly recent history while injecting magic into the story.

And those costumes, oh my goodness. Gorgeous!

TV’s a great reward for reaching goals and this one looks like the perfect inspiration for writing magic books. Me and my husband started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender for the fourth time a few weeks ago and we’ve binged it so much, it’s almost over. We need more awesome material.

With the likes of the Netflix movie Bright (starring Will Smith) which tackles inter-supernatural species conflicts in a modern day setting also hitting the screens, hopefully Carnival Row is just one of many magical series we’ll get to enjoy.

Thanks for reading! Have you seen the first episode of Carnival Row? What did you think?

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