The Notebook Book Fair

Epic Notebook Book Fair

Working out what to post on Saturdays has been a challenge and a half. I want to stick to a theme but lately they’ve been all over the place. Last week I decided to experiment and see if a post about calligraphy was something y’all would be interested in. The feedback from that post was pretty dismal so I’ve decided on something else a little more fun: a notebook book fair!

Here’s the plan: I’ll post an amazing notebook to show you every week and where you can get it. I don’t know about you but I love notebooks and I hoard them like old ladies hoard cats. Although, I will also be one of those old ladies one day. But in the meantime, I snatch up every pretty notebook in sight and stick them on my bookshelf to look amazing until I finally find a use for it.

So here is the very first awesome notebook for you to gawk at:




How beautiful is this? If you’re lucky enough to live far enough out of a city that you can see all the stars at night, you get to see this sight every darn night. Us city folk don’t get much chance to see a truly epic night sky but if we had a notebook like this, we’d be halfway there.

I found this notebook on a site called and they’ve got a cool array of notebooks to choose from but this one really stood out.

It’s 48 pages long and lined, so no worries about our writing going up and down the page as we try and write a simple gosh-darned sentence.

The only downside to this site is that it may only be available to people from the UK but with any luck this cool notebook will be available everywhere. Let’s grow these little businesses!


Where can I get it?

As I mentioned, this notebook and more are available on but the link to the actual product is right here. Unfortunately, right now this notebook appears to be out of stock (is that really a surprise?) but fingers crossed there will be a restocking sometime soon.

Thanks for reading!

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