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Top 5 Covers of 2019

The Secret Library Book Blog is coming up to it’s second birthday next year and we’ve seen loads of good books come through. So it feels like a good time to take part in some Top 5 posts and showcase the best stuff from 2019 (so far!)

These Top 5 challenges are hosted by the wonderful Shanah over at Bionic Book Worm and there’s a new one to take part in every week. For now, Teas for Readers will go on hold while we do some Top 5 lists to give me a chance to discover and try some new teas.

There have been some amazing book covers this year, so here are the Top 5 covers we’ve seen this year:



One of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen this year, it’s a work of pure art. If the picture wasn’t gorgeous enough, that font is To. Die. For.

In case you were wondering, this book is full of vampire pirates. I know, what? Sounds awesome though!

See The Secret Library Book Blog’s feature on Sea of Darkness here.




Academy books are huge right now so one of them was going to make it on this list. Again, the glossy, striking font is glorious and the background gives its own twist on the academy genre. It’s not like most other academy covers in that there’s more nature than castle, but how can we complain? It’s gorgeous.

See The Secret Library Book Blog’s feature of Dragon Fire Academy here.




This cover struck me as super mysterious when I first laid eyes on it with the hope that the book would be equally so. I wasn’t disappointed. Jeremy Smith has a habit of using silhouettes on his book covers and they always look beautiful. I can attest to this cover conveying Tilly, the protagonist’s sadness at losing her mother and the fear of moving to a new town. While a bit morose, it’s got a magical charm.

Read The Secret Library’s review of A Rhyme of Dark Words here.



kindled legends

I keep seeing this cover everywhere right now, as several of my author friends have contributed to this anthology but it blows me away every time. Right now, this cover is fighting to win a book cover competition on All Author – which you can see here – and I really hope it gets the gold. If you love this cover too, give them a helping hand and cast your vote for them!



So much mystery in this one and just love the old London city vibe it gives off. I stumbled across this book by accident and actually loved it, but not before falling in love with the cover, first. The exotic and the rustic come together well both in the book and on the cover and it really sold it for me.

Read The Secret Library’s review of The Tiger with a Sapphire Eye here.

Thanks for reading!

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