The Notebook Book Fair

Epic Notebook Book Fair

If you’re an author, you’ll know this. If you’re a reader, you’re about to learn about the writing process.

There’s three basic foundations of being an author: coffee, procrastination, and thirty beautiful notebooks you’ll never use. In no small part because they are so beautiful. Sure, you can intend to use your best handwriting in it but you secretly know that by the time the ideas really start rolling, you are going to be scribbling so illegibly even your elementary school teacher can’t decipher it. So, it’s probably best to let them sit on our bookshelves, empty and pretty forever.

If you’re a writer or looking to start writing, a beautiful notebook is the first step to a new novel.

Here’s this week’s beautiful notebook, whether you plan to write in it or not:


It wasn’t going to be long before we had a dragon notebook. I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it. This notebook is produced by a company that operates through Amazon called SohoSpark and they make faux leather-bound notebooks engraved with some really beautiful designs.

For urban fantasy lovers, this notebook is absolutely perfect. Don’t look now, but they have some even more amazing notebooks on their Amazon page and I’m already filing for bankruptcy. You know, ahead of time.


Where can I get it?

The link for this particular notebook is this one right here and considering how gorgeous this notebook is, it’s pretty reasonably priced. Christmas is coming – too soon? – and I intend to pop this right at the top of my list!

Thanks for reading!

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