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Top 5 Funniest Characters

Top 5 Tuesday is here again and this week Shana at Bionic Bookworm has asked the question: what are the funniest characters we’ve ever read?

Love the question but it’s really hard! We all find different things funny, so I guess I’ll define what my idea of a funny character is. Wise-cracking characters. Characters that are naturally witty and like to wind up their antagonists with humour. Sometimes characters who are unintentionally funny, who act in a pompous manner that is amusing to read.

I find a lot of stuff funny and hopefully, that’ll reflect in this list!



1. Justice – Justice by Georgia Tingley

Justice is the main protagonist and funny enough to make the top of this list. His sense of humour knows no bounds – including danger. Whether he’s being held at gunpoint or ordering a piece of cake, he likes to crack wise. Sometimes using sarcasm, sometimes observational humour, Justice doesn’t go long without a joke.

I think his lack of boundaries when it comes to humour, which is about 75% of his personality, is what makes him so loveable and hey, he’s solving crimes in the process. Why can’t he have a laugh while he does it?

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2. Wilf – The Tilly Hart Series by Jeremy Smith

Wilf is one of the most endearing characters I’ve ever read. So wholesome yet so humourous. He loves his friends and is unwaveringly loyal to the protagonist, Tilly and friend Rebecca. But as with most teenage boys who are struggling to make sense of or express their feelings, Wilf hides behind humour.

Poking harmless fun at his friends or reacting humourously to life-threatening situations is commonplace for Wilf. But he is certainly the most loveable teenage boy character I’ve ever read. The world would be a darker place without him, for sure.

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3. Humphrey – The Tiger with a Sapphire Eye by H. Scott Thomas

Humphrey is one of those unintentionally humourous characters. Used to the life of luxury and being given everything he wants without even asking, Humphrey is most amusing when something is going wrong for him. Usually it’s something small, like losing his favourite sweets. Whatever it is, his tantrums are always leaves me giggling instead of shaking my head.

Check out my review of The Tiger with a Sapphire Eye here. 




4. Hamish – The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

Hamish has a little in common with Wilf, in the sense that he likes to poke fun at his friends, too. But while being a Daemon, creative and mischievous by nature, Hamish isn’t afraid to dole out the hard-hitting truths. It’s the way in which he does it which is amusing, rather than funny.

Hamish tries to make light of darker subjects by injecting varying shades of humour into his nuggets of truth. He doesn’t feature an awful lot in the books but where he does, he certainly stands out.

Check out my review of A Discovery of Witches here.




5. Anya – Last Day in Hell by Jay Phillips

Anya, like Humphrey, doesn’t try to be funny. Anya is a straightforward and blunt teenage girl from the year 5. Yup, the year 5AD. A warrior with no qualms about sayings things as they are regardless of hurt feelings, Anya spends most of her time in perpetual exasperation of everyone around her.

Exasperated by other people’s feelings and especially their concerns, which she usually considers irrelevant, Anya doesn’t waste any time getting to the point. It’s super fun to watch her get there, too.

Check out my review of Last Day in Hell here.

Thanks for reading!

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