Sunday Thoughts


The End.

The sweetest words an author can ever write and this week, I got to write them.

My debut urban fantasy novel Scorpio’s Grace has finally been sent off to the editor and I couldn’t be more excited!

Anyway, I’m not going to gush about my book right now – I’ll do that plenty when it’s released (on November 9th *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*).

My three weeks of holiday are over and I’m back at work which makes reading and writing that much harder. But, truthfully, I do need an excuse to get out into the sunlight. Although, by now, sunbeams might just turn me into a big pile of ash.

Most authors and book bloggers have other jobs to keep them afloat and I’m not different, but one day I hope to change that.

We all need a chance to think about our dreams, what we want from life and how we plan to get them. Whether it’s a week in the sun or holing up in our homes researching our passions and making the decision as to whether we have the potential to achieve them.

Dreams are hardly ever small. They wouldn’t be quite so challenging to achieve if they were bite-sized and easy to swallow. We love to aim high, it’s beautiful up there.

If there’s one thing the last few months has taught me, it’s that going after your dreams means managing your time super effectively – and I haven’t done a great job of that lately.

Determined to reach the bestseller world as quickly as possible, I really started knuckling down a few months ago and did very little except work and occasionally sleep. Inevitably, I ended up running myself into the ground and needed to spend time sleeping in, not worrying about work and taking some long, bubbly baths.

It’s really easy to throw yourself into our work and ride on the momentum and the buzz, but before long we’re going to burn out. Then we need to recharge our batteries and end up not doing that much work at all. Even if we absolutely love what we’re doing, we still need to eat, sleep, socialise and sometimes play the odd video game.

So, if you’re chasing your dreams with a baseball bat and a fishing net this autumn, or just preparing to chase them in 2020, be kind to yourself. Segment your life and cut your dreams up into bite-sized pieces so that you don’t set yourself back, or worse, hurt yourself.

Getting back into work now, I’m determined to measure out my time better so that I don’t need to crash before taking that time out to relax. We might feel productive going 100mph, but eventually, we’re going to hit a pothole.

Thanks for reading!

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