There’s one thing this blog has been missing and it’s giveaways!

Not too many urban fantasy giveaways cross my path naturally so I’ve made it my mission to hunt them down. There’s loads of them out there and the prizes for some of them are getting a little out of hand – in a good way.

So, here’s the plan. A new giveaway every week. One chance every Saturday to win some urban fantasy books and other cool gear, including but not limited to Kindle Fires which are super popular giveaway prizes right now.

This week we have a giveaway from urban fantasy author H.P. Mallory who is giving us all the chance to win her Dulcie O’Neil’s Boxed Set – that’s an entire 10-book series!


Here is the magic link that will take you to this awesome giveaway!

I’m going to enter this one too, fight me! Just joking, if you enter this one I really hope you get it. Who could be so heartless as to wish no books on someone else? I’m not a monster.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

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