Sunday Thoughts


I cannot get sick right now.

Downside of autumn? As soon as it hits, the bugs come out to play and frankly, I don’t remember scheduling a playdate.

I’m sick with the trendiest new illness and it’s making writing and blogging harder, but life doesn’t stop. So, I’m going to throw on the dressing gown, brew some Lemsip and get stuck in.

In between times, I’ve managed to watch some awesome urban fantasy TV including binge-watching Carnival Row and re-visiting the original Charmed. I’ve watched all of twenty minutes of the new Charmed and honestly, not a fan. In my opinion, it’s trying too hard. The old Charmed might not have aged very well but it’s still awesome.

And Carnival Row. Oh my goodness. It’s taken me ages to get around to watching it but it’s the TV show I didn’t know I’ve been dying to see. Urban fantasy, historical, steampunk and paranormal romance all rolled into one. Plus Orlando Bloom doing a Ray Winstone and doing it well.

I’ve got to stress, for anyone worrying about the romance part that while it is integral to the character development and some of the key plot points, it actually takes a bit of a back seat during season one. The focus is more on the dramatic and mysterious elements of the plot and they are pretty intense and fast-paced.

Also, did I mention fairies, centaurs, saitors and cute little gremlins?

All in all, it’s been a magical week for TV and thank goodness Charmed has eight seasons because if I’m going to be wrapped up in a paracetamol coma/blanket burrito, I need something good to watch. I’m all about this Piper-Leo romance.

Monday might be coming but I hope you have a great week and for goodness sake, don’t get sick! But if you do, I recommend my watchlist.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “#SundayThoughts”

  1. I haven’t watched the new charmed but I’ve watched carnival row and did enjoy it. It’s very real. Got me to start my amazon prime trial. I’ve been watching other stuff on it like Grimm and The Witches of Eastwick and now Sleepy Hollow. I’ve got to make the choice today as to whether i want to pay or not to keep it which is tempting for all the tv shows.

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