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Top 5 Supernatural TV Shows

October is apparently a super busy month for Shana at Bionic Book Worm and she’s taking a bit of a hiatus. So for October, I’m going to be making up my own Top 5 topics!

Today, my own made-up topic is Top 5 Supernatural TV Shows. 

What with being a bit under the weather right now, I’ve used the opportunity to catch up on a little TV and of course, they are all urban fantasy, supernatural and paranormal shows. So, now is a good time to throw them all into a hierarchy.

Here are my Top 5 Supernatural TV Shows!




This show was a staple of my teenage years. I was addicted then and I’m addicted now.

Three sisters who find out they are witches are plagued by demons, warlocks and ghosts all while discovering their new powers. Which are awesome by the way! The eldest sister, Prue, has the abilities of telekinesis and astral projection. Middle sister, Piper, can freeze things and blow things up. Youngest sister, Phoebe, can see the future and levitate. Even younger sister Paige can teleport and also has telekinesis.

Out of them all, I identify most with Piper, who doesn’t have time for nonsense and can’t understand why drama happens in her life. She’s my favourite and her powers are definitely the most awesome.

Charmed is all about working supernatural destinies into normal lives, while still overcoming all the human hurdles that come with normal lives. It’s the best and has so many feels. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you put it straight to the top of your to-watch list!



Carnival Row

When the supernatural and human worlds collide, craziness is bound to happen.

After humans invade supernatural lands, refugees flock to The Burgh, a Victorian steampunk-style city where they are persecuted for being fairies, centaurs, pucks or gremlin creatures.

Think Ripper Street crossed over with Lord of the Rings. It’s a golden crossover.

When murders start happening throughout The Burgh, both human and supernatural suspects are considered. Ryecroft Philostrate, a detective with The Burgh Police Department, is tasked with finding the murderer and keeping the peace between supernaturals and humans.

It’s dark, it’s mysterious and it’s loaded with feels. I love this show and I can’t wait for season 2!




I’ll admit, I haven’t finished all the seasons of this yet. But the first seven were really good!

Two human brothers fight the forces of evil on the road after the death of the fiancé of one. Basically supernatural bounty hunters on a permanent road trip, Sam and Dean get into a ridiculous number of paranormal shenanigans.

This series is ridiculously popular so I’d be really surprised if you haven’t seen it, but if you haven’t, go for it! It’s dark and you might want to die from the feels at times, but it’s amazing.




I’m going to clarify this: when I say Heroes is in the top 5, I actually just mean season 1. Season 1 blew the world away with how awesome it was. Comic books and urban fantasy TV came together to make something amazing and we were all hooked. Then season 1 ended and it was a freefall off a cliff after that.

But season 1, let me tell you. Several different people in the world learn they have supernatural powers that they can’t explain and their lives drastically change as a result. However, a serial killer is on the loose determined to steal their powers from them. All the while, these heroes have to figure out how to stop an explosion from destroying the city of New York.

If you haven’t watched it already then for goodness sake, watch season 1 but I warn you, for your sake, don’t watch any further. There are a few more seasons that look amazing on the surface but when you actually watch them, you’ll find yourself disappointed. It’s like the ending to How I Met Your Mother only stretched across three seasons. Don’t do it to yourself.



X-Men: Evolution

OK, I know this one might not really count because it’s an animated TV series and it’s for kids. But this is another one that I became obsessed with as a kid. It’s a nice, light supernatural/superhero series featuring some of our favourite characters.

This series follows the X-Men as teenagers attending school and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. There’s sci-fi tech, awesome powers and an ever-growing team of misfits trying to find themselves while also trying to fight the forces of evil.

In a list of fairly gritty and not all that light-hearted series, this one will really lighten your spirits. Plus, it totally revisits the early 00s good stuff, even if there’s a little cheese involved.

Thanks for reading!


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