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New Release – Sharpest Sting

I’m secretly a huge fan of assassin plotlines.

Yeah, I’m one of those authors who will have a hard time explaining their search history if the police come knocking. But I’m not just looking up fast-acting poisons, I’m also looking up the exact specifications of your regular marble. Standard research.

So, this book really caught my eye because of the assassin protagonist but she’s also an elemental. Haven’t read anything like this before!

This one came out literally yesterday and it’s already pretty high on the charts. Take a look.

Title: Sharpest Sting

Author: Jennifer Estep

Genre: Urban fantasy

Release date: 8th October 2019


sharpest sting.PNG

“As Gin Blanco, aka the assassin the Spider, I’m used to having a target on my back. But ever since I started investigating the secret society known as the Circle, that target seems bigger than ever.

Still, I’m trying to relax and enjoy the events leading up to my friends’ wedding when I learn that an old enemy has returned to Ashland. And that’s the just beginning of my latest nightmare. Soon, I have Circle goons watching my every move, but I have no choice but to continue searching for a key piece of evidence against the evil group.

The deeper I dig, the more horrifying secrets I uncover, and the more dangerous things become for me and my friends. Just when I think I finally have a handle on things, a shocking revelation shatters my heart and leaves me with an ugly realization—that betrayal is the sharpest sting of all…”


Where can I get it?

On Amazon right now it has e-book and paperback formats which is actually quite unusual considering it’s only a day old. Having said that, the prices are a bit on the high side and although I’m dying to read it, personally, I’ll be waiting a little while to see if the price goes down. But considering how well it’s doing in the charts, it might not happen any time soon.

Here’s the Amazon link to Sharpest Sting if you want to check it out!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “New Release – Sharpest Sting”

  1. Yeah i keep thinking it’s ridiculous how high indie authors put the prices on the amazon print on demand books for relatively short books say 400 and less pages. I’ve seen between £9.99 and £15 for them as paperbacks and and they wonder why they don’t sell. And yeah i went a checked what amazon charge as a take on the royalties and it’s not high enough to justify these prices in my opinion.
    Amazon very occasionally price drop the books for a day or two to a more realistic level which is why i check my basket and wishlists daily xD
    p.s. They just price dropped the edge chronicles 13

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it’s crazy! Even trad published hardbacks aren’t £20 for fiction.

      That’s an awesome system, we do that for Switch games but I need to start doing it for books, too!

      Aaaaaagh! Thanks for telling me!


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