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Top 5 Magic Crystals

This week’s Top 5 is going to be a bit more personal.

I really enjoy doing the generic magical Top 5s but this week I want to delve into my own magic system. In the run-up to the release of Scorpio’s Grace, I’d love to introduce you to how its magical world works.

In the world of Scorpio’s Grace, magical creatures don’t only use spells and potions, but crystals and talismans in their day-to-day lives. They’re also crucial tools in certain spells. So, let me introduce you to the coolest crystals and talismans!



1. Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is one of my favourites because it is used in spells to reveal memories from past lives.

Yup, if you wanted to, you could watch snippets from your past life and find out if you were a monarch, a milkman or druid. (I’m getting good vibes from that second one.) For me, there’s nothing much cooler than learning all about your past lives. The only downside is that you might not like what you see.

While we’d love to think that our past lives were cool and happy, the truth is we could look back and watch our doom over and over again. Still, there’s only a fifty-fifty chance. The odds are OK!


2. Garnet

In the world of Scorpio’s Grace, garnet is used a lot by magical practitioners, as it enhances our strengths. Depending on the spell, it can enhance our physical strength, our endurance and even strengths *ahem* in the bedroom.

Anyone who’s feeling in need of a bit of a physical boost should wear some enchanted garnet on jewellery. Yup, I just gave you an excuse. Go nuts!


3. Jet

Jet is a really important talisman to own in the supernatural world and most magical beings wouldn’t go anywhere without it. Jet protects the wearer from having their minds infiltrated by telepaths or worse – demons!

Telepaths are only looking for thoughts, but if you happen to cross the path of a demon who wants to possess you, a Jet talisman will come in really handy. I don’t want to make you paranoid, but you just don’t know who’s out there trying to possess you.




4. Peridot

Peridot is a little bit like petrified wood, only instead of showing you your past, peridot reveals your destiny. For me, that’s even more scary than learning about the past because at least that’s over with. Imagine seeing that you’re going to be a famous popstar, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize or a best-selling author (oh no, what a terrible thing!) – the pressure is massive.

Although, would we like to know what’s in store for us or would we want to keep it a surprise? Then again, if we knew we weren’t going to succeed, wouldn’t we want to know to make changes to make our dreams happen? I’m still undecided, what would you do?



5. Black and white agate

This is one of the coolest talismans, but hopefully you won’t need it. This crystal will create an invisible protective force-field to keep you safe from whatever magical creature might stalk you down a dark alley. Either that or it could stop your annoying co-worker from throwing crumpled up post-its at you.

These talismans are really hard to get right so if you’re looking to protect yourself from magic or post-its, make sure you get them from a certified talisman trader. Black market rip-offs never go well.

Thanks for reading! Check out all my other Top 5s here!

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