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New Release – A Very Opal Halloween

Don’t shoot me, it’s October!

We’re halfway through, in fact so we’re well overdue for some Halloween-y goodness. Honestly, if you don’t have your outfit planned by now, what are you doing? Get down to the costume shop and sort your life out. Also please tell me what you’re going as, I don’t have mine yet either and I need ideas…

Up until Halloween itself, the scarier and creepier books will get a look-in on the new release feature to celebrate this awesome holiday. We’re not persecuting witches these days, we’re celebrating them!


Title: A Very Opal Halloween

Author: Belinda White

Genre: Urban fantasy/short story collection

Release date: 14th October 2019


“I’ll probably live to regret it, but I’ve given Nancy permission to hold a huge Halloween bash here at the farmhouse. If nothing else, maybe it will distract me from what I have planned for after it.

A seance. I’m making an ultra-long distance call to my mom. She has something I want, dang it. Something she didn’t pass on to me before she left this world.

The others are trying to guess what it is I want to ask her. They’ll never get it in a million years. 

Of course, there’s no reason not to tell them. But where’s the fun in that?”


We don’t get short stories here very often but this one is Halloween-appropriate and a standalone spin-off of what looks like a pretty cool series: The Accidental Familiar series. I bought the first book in this series because I’m on a reckless book-buying binge right now. Yeah, I know it’s crazy, we’re still two weeks away from payday. Madness. But I’m a shameless addict.

A Very Opal Halloween was released two whole days ago and it’s actually available in two formats on Amazon: e-book and paperback, which is unusual for short stories. Check out this Halloweeny short story at this link!

Thanks for reading!

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