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Top 5 Badass Supernatural TV Characters

When you’re ill you read a lot and watch a lot of TV. It just happens to us bookworms. Work and life gets in the way so when it’s socially acceptable to sit down and read and watch, we snatch it up with both hands.

I wanted to do a Top 5 this week that really draws attention to the best characters out there to watch. Good characters are for sure my favourite, but you’ve also got to give credit to the bad guys out there who make everyone’s lives a misery. They work hard too.

Truth is, whether we like it or not, the characters we watch on TV and read about make a difference to our lives. So let’s give these awesome characters some love!

(Pssst…careful of the spoilers!)


1. Piper Halliwell – Charmed

All the Charmed sisters are awesome, but Piper definitely takes the trophy for the most kick-ass sister. Always the mediator throughout seasons 1-3, she worked hard and had great ambitions for career which she eventually achieves.

But the greatest test for Piper was when (**SPOILERS**) her older sister Prue dies at the end of season three and she is forced to take up the role of eldest sister to the Charmed ones. Boy, does she rise to the challenge.

During all eight seasons of Charmed, she is a badass witch, a successful club owner, a mother to the most powerful witch-babies on the planet and leader of the Charmed ones. To say she doesn’t have her plate full is an understatement and to say she doesn’t handle it amazingly is, too.


2. Toph – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Another Avatar: The Last Airbender plug? What? Yeah, OK I’ll admit to being a little bit obsessed but for good reason. Anyway, Toph gets the badass trophy out of the Avatar cast and to be fair, she would probably punch me in the face if she didn’t.

Toph has been blind since birth and her parents coddled her on account of her disability. But Toph understands her own potential and learns to master the element of earth in secret. Despite her well-to-do upbringing, Toph doesn’t give a darn what anyone thinks and will tell them so before earth-bending a rock into their face.

Toph isn’t just badass because she is a master of earth-bending, but because she overcomes the hurdles she has in her life with zero doubts. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks she is capable of or what they think she should do, she does her thing regardless. Who wouldn’t love to have that kind of courage?


3. Castiel – Supernatural

As an Angel, Castiel has certain heavenly responsibilities. Even if it means battling Archangels and dragging souls out of hell.

I chose Castiel out of the Supernatural cast because he’s a perfect example of how good people and good intentions can go drastically wrong. If anything, despite being an Angel, Castiel can be as human as the rest of us and that is really reassuring. **(SPOILERS)**

Castiel drags protagonist Dean out of Hell after Dean makes a deal with Lucifer. He absorbs souls from purgatory to become a mega-Angel. He’s cute as all holy-hell.

Castiel wants to do right by everyone but it doesn’t always pan out that way. He’s the perfect reminder that while we try our best to do the right thing, sometimes they won’t work out that way and that’s OK. Even if it does bring about an apocalypse.


Vignette Stonemoss – Carnival Row

Fairies are coming back into fashion and Vignette Stonemoss is leading the way. A fairy refugee hardened by a young adulthood filled with war, death and heartbreak, Vignette is torn between love and justice.

Vignette can be a little reckless, joining the Black Raven, a group trying to fight the injustice against all supernatural creatures by doing all the wrong things. But she is too susceptible to love and friendship to become truly embroiled in darkness.

Vignette is a perfect example of how hardship can change us, but that love can remind us of who we really are and the point of living. Yeah, it’s soppy but it’s important, especially when we suffer through our dark moments.

Carnival Row is pretty new but it’s on Amazon Prime and it’s awesome! Check it out if you haven’t already!


5. Lyra – His Dark Materials

Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights has been around since I was a youngster and Lyra is just a stand-out character. She has the strongest sense of justice you’ll come across in a character and really doesn’t see personal sacrifice as a big price to pay.

After her friend goes missing, Lyra feels it’s her responsibility to get him back. As far as powers go, Lyra doesn’t have anything but her wits and her companion Pan to help her solve the mystery and rescue Roger.

Lyra is an amazing character because she is so fearless and feels that it is as much her responsibility as the adults that tell her “no” to find out what’s going on. Her brazen attitude is a little overconfident at times but she is one of the most pro-active little girls I’ve ever read and she deserves a shout out just for that.

Thanks for reading!

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