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Book Review – Child of Tempus

Title: Child of Tempus

Author: Winnifred Tataw

Genre: Urban fantasy/fantasy

Rating: DNF

**I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



“Rodrick is a prince of the ruling country of Diar. He has a face kissed by the Gods themselves, with deep blue eyes and long ruby-red hair. Speaking of Gods, he also happens to be the Acolyte of Time. Gifts and curses with this power give him control over aspects of time. And being a dragon-human hybrid has its amazing perks too.

But since childhood, Rodrick has had a target on his back, and his insanely power-hungry father, Demon King Ryton, comes across as his closest but worst enemy. Throw in the workings of an alcoholic mother, a bipolar sister, a recovering addict brother, and an adopted little sister with magical powers, and you have the royal family of Diar.

Things couldn’t get any worse, until he meets the beautiful Princess Arcelia—but Arcelia isn’t the main problem. Her and Rodrick are on now on the run from Rodrick’s father, Ryton.

And with the looming risk of world destruction ahead of them, Rodrick is worried about more than college exams.”

* * *


I’ll just get to the point with this one. Child of Tempus wasn’t edited. There were too many typos, some sentences that didn’t make grammatical sense and the story had trouble piecing itself together.

The first 10% of the book is a mini encyclopaedia of information about the world itself which is a fantasy world which has all the modern inventions of our world. As I started reading the story, I realised that there was little to no explanation of the world itself or anything in it. Everything we learn about the characters, the story and the world is drip-fed in an erratic fashion throughout the dialogue and sometimes the narrative.

On the upside, the characters were fairly well defined and it wasn’t difficult to gain an understanding of who they were. Also, the idea of the story was cool. Children of Tempus, an organisation who deal in time travel and an uprising of a Demon King. The elements were there, but it wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

I’ve learned that the book is currently going through an editorial overhaul and I’m really glad to hear it because this will make a great story in the end. But I just couldn’t finish this one when even some of the sentences made no sense whatsoever. This book is not yet completed, so it needs more time.


Where can I get it?

I wouldn’t recommend getting this book just yet as it definitely isn’t finished and the e-book price alone is almost $5. But if you’re too curious and what to see what it’s all about, here’s the link to Child of Tempus.

Thanks for reading!

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