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New Release – Darkness Rising

Quick note: this is the last new release I’ll be doing for a while. Long story short, my workload is piling right up and for the last month I’ve been working 70 hour weeks, so I need to free up a bit of time to focus on some writing projects.

I like doing new releases but coupled with the segment on what’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts, we’re seeing a lot of academy book recommendations! Not that that’s a bad thing, but if I have to take a day out somewhere, I think we should press pause on new releases.

Anyway, this final new release is actually a project I’m involved with and I’m super excited to share it with you!


Title: Darkness Rising

Author: Various

Genre: Urban fantasy/paranormal

Release date: 14th April 2020


“Join unimaginable paranormal creatures in epic battles or enjoy a heart-stopping romance that will take your breath away.

In this collection of paranormal romance and fantasy novels, witches, wolves, demons, and demigods haunt the pages as they fight against the pull of darkness.
But will they succeed?

Fans of Ilona Andrews and Deborah Harkness will devour this soul-scorching collection of 24 novels from today’s USA Today bestsellers and talented new authors!”


Darkness Rising is only technically a new release in that the anthology has just gone up for pre-orders in the last two days but it officially comes out on 14th April 2020.

I’m one of several authors contributing a novel to this boxed set and it’s super exciting to be a part of it. I’m very lucky to be working with so many hard-working, dedicated authors and it’s so fun writing a novel for this project. Get ready for my very first magic academy book!

We’re not just having fun, though. We mean business, and we have a goal to make this boxed set hit the USA Today Bestseller List. This is a boxed set full of urban fantasy and paranormal romance books, so if this looks like your kind of reads, pre-order a copy for 99c at this link. We’d be so grateful for your help and we really hope you enjoy reading it.

If you want to learn more about all the authors involved and get involved with the release, here are the Darkness Rising Facebook party group and the Darkness Rising Facebook page. There are giveaways going on in the group right now so go nuts!

Thanks for reading!

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