6-Book Giveaway!

I hope you got a chance to enter the Kindle Fire giveaway from last week! If not, the giveaway is actually still running so check out last week’s giveaway post here if you fancy a chance for a brand new Kindle.

This week we’ve got a collection of SIX books that are up for grabs. These books are the first six books in the Nate Temple series, written by Shayne Silvers.



I’ve not read anything in this series but considering how rabid the fan-base is, it’s safe to say these books are probably pretty good. Enter the giveaway at this link here for a chance to win these awesome books!

This giveaway is courtesy of the Darkness Rising team (see our new release feature here) who are committing to giveaways every single week in the run-up to the release of the boxed set Darkness Rising which is due to hit the shelves on 14th April 2020.

I’ll be providing some coverage of the good giveaways but there might be some weeks where I feature other giveaways instead. The Darkness Rising team will be showcasing their giveaways every single week in the Darkness Rising Party Room on Facebook. So if you fancy checking out their giveaways each week, you can join the group here and stay in the loop!

In the meantime, enter this week’s giveaway for the six Nate Temple books to be in with a chance to win. This is one of those giveaways where you can follow people and like things to get more votes so you can give yourself more of a chance.

Thanks for reading and good luck if you enter!



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