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Top 5 Best Witches

*siren sounding* *blue and red lights flashing*

Halloween is 2 days away, people! 2 days! If you don’t have your costume, your candy and your bottles of blue vodka, y’all are unprepared! It’s me…I’m y’all…I do have the candy but I wouldn’t give that away if you paid me. Move along, kids.

While I might not be going out this year, I love an excuse to get immersed in all things scary and usually supernatural. Everyone needs an excuse to curl up with popcorn and witchy movies or just a binge-watch of the original Charmed series. The original, you have been warned.

In celebration of Halloween week, our Top 5 this week is the Top 5 Best Witches. These witches come from both books and TV because frankly, it’d be unfair to leave out some of the best witches just because they were acted instead of written. Let’s face it, we’ll be watching witches as well as reading them this year:


1. Hermione Granger – The Harry Potter Series

Did you really expect Hermione not to be on this list?

She has been and continues to be one of the best female role-models in literature. After a magicless childhood, Hermione works hard to become one of the most powerful witches in the world. No amount of prejudice will set her back.

But Hermione isn’t just smart. She’s brave, she’s compassionate and her sense of right and wrong is so solid. On top of it all, her sense of confidence appears completely unbreakable and while I’m jealous of that, I’m so glad she has it. The world is a dark place sometimes and for someone so good to be so sure of themselves is a rare thing.

She is my favourite witch of all time, followed closely by Luna Lovegood who I would have loved to also put on this list but wanted to keep it to one witch per magical world. (Seriously though, Luna is also the best!)

2. Piper Halliwell – Charmed

I know Piper was in last week’s list on the Top 5 Badass Supernatural TV Characters but I will sing this woman’s praises until I’m blue in the face. Kick-ass, demon-fighting witch and a mother and a successful entrepreneur. She is one of the best media role-models I had growing up.

If you haven’t seen the Charmed original series, I strongly recommend it. Three sisters discover they are powerful witches who are charged with fighting the demonic forces of evil. They uncover awesome powers, crazy family secrets and an underworld of evil that only they can stop.

**spoiler alert**

Piper eventually becomes the eldest sister and she takes charge of the family, saves the world and manages to have her own life at the same time. Not only is she super-organised, but she makes a mean potion!


3. The Scarlet Witch – X-Men

We have a witch from graphic novels, now! You might know The Scarlet Witch from the Avengers movies but she first emerged in the X-Men comics as Magneto’s troubled but powerful daughter.

I’ll admit, I haven’t read her in the comics, but I did watch her as a child in the X-Men Evolution and she was a really intriguing, complex character. Because of her volatile powers, she was locked up in a psychiatric unit by her father until she escaped and became one of the main antagonists.

There are various interpretations of The Scarlet Witch but I’ll admit to really connecting with the X-Men Evolution version. She’s broken, betrayed and trying to figure out who she is after years of being told there’s something wrong with her. Plus, she has to deal with all of this without the guidance of parents. In fact, her father is still determined to use her even after all he’s done to her.

It’s heart-breaking and I always had hope for her finding peace. She is a really awesome character even if she is one of the bad ones sometimes!


4. Diana Bishop – The All Souls Trilogy

Diana is quite a stoic character who doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeve and she’s a super hard worker, even though sometimes she’s trying hard to be as human as possible. Diana never had any luck with spells and gave up on magic after her parents died.

When she gets thrown into a magical situation that attracts the whole magical community, she has no choice but to look to other supernatural creatures and her own powers.

Diana’s powers are really cool. Unable to perform magic as spells dictate, she can create her own and weave magic to fit her own style and agenda. A rarity in the magical world!

I read about Diana at a time when I was discovering what I was capable of too and it felt like we made that journey together. After all she goes through, she still comes out strong!


5. Kiki – Kiki’s Delivery Service

If you haven’t seen Kiki’s Delivery Service, watch it!

It’s an amazing feel-good movie made by the incredible Studio Ghibli. THE most awesome anime-style production studio in existence, in my completely biased opinion.

Kiki is a young witch who is trying to find her way in the world by using her witchy powers. Every young witch leaves homes at age 13 to carve a path for themselves and Kiki is enthusiastic, but a little unprepared so it’s lucky she has the help of her black cat familiar, Jiji. The world, however, is no match for her can-do attitude and unflappable optimism.

She makes fast friends with everyone she meets and settles down in a colour seaside city. When her powers start to wane, she begins to wonder if she will ever make a magical mark in the world. But when her friends are in danger, she pulls out every trick in the book to save them.

It’s impossible not to love Kiki and honestly, you have to watch this movie!


I hope you enjoyed this list on the Top 5 Best Witches! Check out all The Secret Library’s other Top 5s here and enjoy. But most importantly, have an amazing Halloween no matter what you’re doing. Enjoy yourselves, have a break, maybe get a little drunk. Or a lot, what am I, your mom?

Thanks for reading!


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