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Book Review Reread – A Discovery of Witches

Title: A Discovery of Witches

Author: Deborah Harkness

Genre: Urban fantasy


Here’s the truth of it. I am a little behind on my standard reading schedule right now and not just on account of being a little over a week away from releasing my first full-length novel. Excuse me while I scream!

Actually, the main reason is because I couldn’t resist temptation. I’ve been talking about rereading A Discovery of Witches for a while now and…I caved. I did a book review on this book ages ago (which you can check out here) and I haven’t read it again since I watched the TV adaptation.

So I may have taken the time to have another read because…well, who really needs an excuse to read one of their all-time favourites?

Here’s my take on A Discovery of Witches the second time around!


Reread Review:

One thing that the TV adaptation made me wonder about was: is Diana actually really dependent on her new vampire lover for everything and I just didn’t realise it because I was too engrossed? Because on the TV she comes across as a hopeless blonde which is a bit nuts because she’s a really smart, hard-working academic.

The truth is, in A Discovery of Witches, which is book one in the All Souls Trilogy, Diana is a little bit of a passenger in her own story. It’s a bit of a crazy thing because in later books, she really comes into her own but she doesn’t become as strong a female lead as I remember until later.

Matthew Clairmont, her vampire lover, is much more suave and appealing in the book for sure and my opinion of him hasn’t changed that much. He’s the sophisticated book boyfriend that those who grew up with Twilight wished Edward Cullen was.

For some reason, I remembered A Discovery of Witches with more action in it but honestly, the tension that runs through all the non-actiony moments is strong enough to keep me enticed. Maybe that’s why I remember it with a bit more action, actually it was just intrigue and a lovely satisfying plot aftertaste.

I still really enjoyed this book and I hope it won’t be long before I feel like rereading it again, even if it does interfere with my reading schedule!

Want to read A Discovery of Witches for yourself? Here’s the link that’ll take you there!

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