Signed Paperback Giveaway

This week we have another giveaway courtesy of the folks over at Darkness Rising (do you have your copy yet? If not, here’s the link!)

I may have understated what this giveaway actually is in the title because there’s a bit more to this than a signed paperback.

Yes, it’s a paperback: a paperback of 5 books in one PLUS a cool oujia board mug to drink all your potions out of. If you don’t consider coffee a potion, you are seriously underestimating its power!




Like with most of the Darkness Rising giveaways, you can earn extra entries by following and liking things. Maybe pop in on a few of the pages and social media platforms and give yourself a boost!

If you want to check out this giveaway here is the link a-right here!

I might have mentioned last week that the Darkness Rising gang are doing a new giveaway every week up until release day (which is in April 2020!) so there are going to be plenty of opportunities to win things in the next few months.

However, I think these giveaways only tend to last the week so there’s only a small window to get your entries in. So, get right on entering this one and I’ll bring you another giveaway next week!

Thanks for reading!

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