Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts

This week is going to be half exhilarating, half terrifying, all exciting.

It’s 6 days until my first full-length novel Scorpio’s Grace is released and it’s so weird that we’re nearly there. All the time spent drafting, editing and doing all the fun stuff like getting the book cover done is finally all coming together.

There are times in a big project when I feel like no matter how much work I put in, I’ll never reach the end. Not because I’m not enjoying myself (although editing isn’t always that fun) but because the tasks never seem to finish. Even when the darned book’s released it’s not over.

Marketing isn’t always easy for authors because they love creating books but don’t often like to brag about it. Why do you think we write books in the first place? We want to create and get famous without actually having to show our faces or even put pants on. Nah, I kid. I’m always in my pyjamas.

So, after all this time of working away at this project, it’s just amazing to see release day coming right around the corner. I’m nervous, I’m excited and it’s impossible to know whether this book is good enough for me to reassure myself that I don’t need to worry.

Whelp, the ARC copies have gone out and there’s no turning back now!

If you haven’t seen the cover yet…here it is!

Scorpio's Grace Front Cover

My cover artist is the best! If you need a book cover, here is where you find her.

So everything’s in place and we’re ready to roll, but Imposter Syndrome is a thing and it loves creatives. There’s no getting away from it for some people.

All in all, this week has definitely been better than the one before it. Less bill-paying work, more creative work and just a well needed breather from pulling a customer service face all day. But being so close to releasing this book has really put a cherry on top of this cake.

From your comments I know some of you have been having a hard time lately and maybe you also feel like the end is unbelievably far away. I hope that whatever struggles are holding you hostage right now will let you go and you can go into the next week feeling a bit more at peace.

Thanks for reading!


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